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Entry Fees

FREE ENTRY  if this is your 1st event with us! (Come register in person)
$175   Sat/Sun Pre-Entry
$200   Evinco Race Tires* (only when purchased with your Pre-Entry)
$50   Friday Practice 9am-5pm (Hosted by PARC, pay at track)
$50   Walk-Up Fee
$25   3-Day Transponder Rental

Register Now      Event Schedule

  • LO206/Rotax Race fuel will be sold by PARC (Non-ethanol 94 octane)
  • VP C-12 or K&S 110 required for 2 stroke classes.
  • A small amount of C-12 will also be available from PARC.
  • Rain Tires will be available at the track.
*Classes running Evinco Blue's are required to use the same set of IKF Stamped Race Tires on Sat/Sun. 

Spectator Passes (sold on site)
$25  2 Day Pit Pass
$15  1 Day Pit Pass

Remember, any competitor who enters all (3) IKF-NW events will receive a Free Entry* (without tires) to the IKF Grand Nationals in September.   All class champions will win a Free Entry** w/Tires to the Grand Nats.   More prize information to follow.

*If we don't offer your exact class, we will allow you to substitute your free entry into any available class.