In an effort to provide consistency accross the country, IKF NorthWest will use SuperKarts! USA rules for our number panel colors and specificiations.  Kart number ranges may vary slightly and they are specified on our Classes page.
SKUSA Rulebook: Panel Colors: Effective 01/01/18, Numbers shall be black on a yellow background, at least 15 cm (5.9”) tall and have a 2 cm (.787”) wide stroke represented with an Arial font. No shaded or outlined numbers are allowed. The competition number shall be bordered by a yellow background of 1 cm (.393”) minimum. They must be in place prior to any official session, on both front and rear panels, as well as on both sides towards the rear of the bodywork. The driver is responsible for ensuring that the required numbers are clearly visible at all times to timekeepers and officials.

How do I choose my Number?

We do not offer reserved numbers but when you sign up for your first race you will choose your number from available numbers in that class's number pool. That will then be your 'reserved' number for the rest of the 2019 IKF Northwest season.  We may offer reserved numbers in the future.